News from Belarus on LandOfAncestors project

Je tiens à vous présenter un portail d’actualité biélorusse en anglais – Landofancestors, ci-dessous la description du projet en anglais aimablement préparée par les créateurs pour le blog InterviewsCulture.

Let us briefly tell you about our project Landofancestors.

The purpose is to tell the world about the unique land, people, traditions and culture of Belarus.
We understand that Belarus has a very peculiar mentality and willingness to adapt to any environment. We characterized, after emigrating in the second generation sincerely considered himself or herself a representative of the nation, where we were fated to find. And according to our calculations only in English-speaking countries Belarus is home for about 70 million people, whose ancestors came from the current territory of the Republic of Belarus. And we would like to become a platform that could unite those people who are interested in Belarus.
Our project in its conception is not commercial. It is run by a group of enthusiasts. We deliberately refuse advertising on our site, custom-made articles, etc. but we are welcome any donations.
As it may sound, we are engaged in mental designing, we try to “draw” positive country (negative facts are enough in every days of life), interesting to explore and visit. That is why in conjunction with a Belarusian tourist company we offer the opportunity to book a tour in Belarus, and provide an opportunity to order as a simple accompaniment for travel and unique services, such as a trip to the land of their ancestors with a personal guide.
Of course, we are not going to stay in development, but it is a matter of perspective, and we would not want to get ahead.
landofancestors belarus

Bonne visite !

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